District Instructional Support Committee

  • Purpose:

    The District Instructional Support Committee provides teachers and administrators an opportunity to meet together to collaborate and make recommendations to school sites, district level administration and the KUSD Board of Trustees.  Matters to be discussed will be, but not limited to, the following:  curriculum, professional development, textbook adoptions, course changes and additions, BTSA, school year calendar, and PAR.  From time to time there will be subcommittees formed to specifically address certain areas, but the DISC will be umbrella over any subcommittee or site committee.


    The committee will meet a minimum of four times a school year: September, November, February and April/May.


    There will be two teacher representatives from each of the following sites:  Kerman High School, Kerman Middle School, Liberty, Goldenrod, Sun Empire, and Kerman-Floyd.  There will be one teacher representative from Enterprise.  The committee will also be comprised of the site principal from each school site, Director of State and Federal Programs, and the Superintendent.  The Director of Instructional Services will facilitate the meetings.

    The school site principal will select the two teachers to represent their site.  The names of the representatives will be submitted to KUTA Executive Board for confirmation.

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