Kerman Unified School District Accelerated Program

  • The KUSD Board adopted BP 6172 (a) on November 11, 2001: The Governing Board believes that all students deserve an education that challenges them to meet their full potential.  The Board shall provide gifted and talented students opportunities for learning commensurate with their particular abilities and talents.  Programs for gifted and talented students may include special day classes, part time groupings, cluster groupings, acceleration, Honors courses, AP courses, independent study, postsecondary education, and enrichment which shall be planned and organized as an integrated, differentiated learning experience within the regular school day.  KUSD shall ensure the full participation of eligible students regardless of their ethnic, cultural, linguistic or economic background.  The program Kerman Unified provides serves to meet the challenging needs of the accelerated student.  The goal of this program is to provide a rigorous curriculum that will motivate students to be the very best, to provide an environment in which students will be challenged and in which they feel free to think beyond the box and to ensure that accelerated students meet the districts highest academic standards and that assessments of the students are analyzed for program change.

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