Tobacco Use Prevention Education

  • Currently, Kerman Unified School District does not receive any TUPE Funds; however,the purpose of the TUPE program is to reduce youth tobacco use by helping young people make healthful tobacco-related decisions through tobacco-specific educational instruction and activities that build knowledge as well as social skills and youth development assets. Collaboration with community-based tobacco control programs is an integral part of program planning. The school, parents, and the larger community must be involved in the program so that students will be aware of a cohesive effort and concern for their health and, consequently, their ability to succeed in school.

    BP 3513.3 (a)
    The Governing Board recognizes the health hazards associated with smoking and the use of tobacco product, including the breathing of second-hand smoke, and desires to provide a healthy environment for students and staff.  The Board prohibits the use of tobacco products at any time in District-owned or leased buildings, on District property and in District vehicles.  This prohibition applies to all employees, students and visitors at any instructional program, activity or athletic event.  Smoking or use of any tobacco-related products and disposal of any tobacco-related waste are prohibited within 25 feet of any playground, except on a public sidewalk located within 25 feet of the playground.

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