Program Improvement

  • In January 2002, Congress passed a new federal education law, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). Using STAR test results, the California Department of Education (CDE) identifies schools for Program Improvement (PI) if their yearly improvement target is not met for two consecutive years. Under NCLB, if a school is identified for Program Improvement for more than one year, students may be eligible for Supplemental Educational Services (SES) paid by Title I funds. Students must also be on free or reduced lunch to be eligible.

    The NCLB Act assures that all students have the opportunity to succeed in school.  Funding is provided to allow parents of students at identified Program Improvement schools to participate in Parent School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Free Tutoring. 

    As a school site enters PI, the staff works to address the student achievement and progress of all students:   We are working closely with the district staff to revise our school plan to include:

    • Specific strategies, policies, and practices that utilize scientifically-based research and have the greatest likelihood of ensuring that all groups of students will meet the state’s achievement targets
    • High quality professional development for school staff that will lead to removing the school from PI status
    • Strategies to promote effective parental involvement in the school

    Sites collaborate with the district and state in supporting our school plan for student achievement:

    Kerman Unified School District is working closely with the CDE to improve curriculum, instruction, and student performance. The CDE provides information, special help, and access to resources for PI schools. PI schools will receive district and/or state technical assistance in:

    • Analyzing various data reports for revising the school plan
    • Strengthening core academic instruction
    • Collaborating with parents to increase student academic achievement

    Parent Choice:

    Once a school has been identified, the district is required to provide students attending this school site with the option of transferring to another school within the district that is not identified for improvement. The district must provide or pay for transportation to the new school to and from their school of residence within certain budgetary restrictions. When a student is transferred to another school, he/she may remain in that school through its highest grade. The district is required to provide transportation to the new school only as long as the student’s original school remains in Program Improvement.

    Supplemental Educational Services (SES):

    Students from Year 2 PI schools that do not elect to participate in Public School Choice may be eligible for free Supplemental Educational Services (SES). SES are classes or tutoring that provides additional academic assistance to a child at a time other than the regular school day. These services must support and be consistent with the instruction provided by the school. Title I funding pays for these services to a set per-student limit, which changes annually. Providing companies of SES must be on a State Board of Education-approved list. SES may be delivered in students' homes, provider's facilities, community sites, etc. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent.  Each tutoring program provides services on varying schedules, but all tutoring takes place outside the regular school day.  Our goal is for all students to continue to improve their academic performance. This is an opportunity for you as parents to support your child's academic progress.

    Parents are notified of student eligibility for SES by mail at the beginning of each school year. The only requirement is that the child must be receiving free or reduced lunch.  Information about this opportunity was mailed out to all our families with children enrolled at the identified schools.  However, if you need an additional form, applications are available in the school office.

    The benefits of tutoring include:

    • Receiving specific help in English Language Arts, mathematics, or science.
    • Tutoring is provided beyond the regular school day.
    • Tutoring is delivered in a variety of educational settings.
    • Learning plans are developed to address specific academic needs.
    • Consultation with the parent/guardian is part of the process for developing your child’s learning plan.

    If a district or school makes AYP for two consecutive years, it will exit Program Improvement.

    If you would like additional information, please contact your child’s school or the KUSD State & Federal Department @  843-9051.  You will also find a variety of information at the California Department of Education web page California Department of Education

  • School of Choice Requests vs Enrollment 2011-2016
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    Eligible Students vs Students Participating 2011-2016
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