Program Improvement School Choice Transfer

  • Under the 2001 federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act any Title I school or school district that does not reach its Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) targets for two consecutive years in the same content area will be identified for Program Improvement (PI).

    Parents of students attending a Kerman Unified School in Program Improvement schools have the right to request a Choice Transfer to another Kerman Unified school not in Program Improvement, with transportation provided. By law, priority for transfers must be given to low-income students with the lowest academic performance. Schools are identified for Program Improvement (PI) by the State, based on the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) and the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) results, if their yearly improvement targets are not met for two consecutive years of testing. Click Here to access current PI status and other KUSD school data posted on the California Department of Education (CDE) website.

    The CDE releases STAR test results and the new Program Improvement status of schools in August. At that time, the KUSD Office of State & Federal Programs mails PI information and Choice Transfer Request forms to parents/guardians of all eligible students.

    School Program Improvement Requirements
    Under NCLB schools in Year 1 of PI are required to:

    • Communicate to parents in an understandable and uniform format regarding Program Improvement status.
    • Commit to spend at least 10% of Title I funds on High Quality Professional Development.
    • Develop a fundamentally different school plan.
    • Implement the new school plan.

    Public School Choice
    NCLB requires that all students enrolled in schools identified as Program Improvement are given the opportunity to attend another public school in the district. This is called Public School Choice.

    Students who choose to transfer have the right to remain at that school until the student has completed the highest grade level offered by that school. If your transfer is approved, your child will have free busing to the Public School Choice site for as long their home school is a Program Improvement School. The district's obligation to provide transportation ends at the end of the school year once the original school is no longer identified for Program Improvement.

    Parents will be notified annually with information regarding the PI status of their child's home school and Public School Choice. This information will include procedures and timelines that parents must follow in order to participate in Public School Choice.

    Parents can become involved in addressing the school's academic issues by proving input on the Improvement Plan, Parental Involvement Policy, and School Parent Compacts. Parents will share responsibilities to increase their student’s academic achievement by supporting their child's earing in such ways as monitoring attendance, homework completion, volunteering in the classroom; and participating, as appropriate, in decisions relating to education of their child and positives use of extracurricular time. We invite and encourage you to join us at the various parent meetings we host.

    Please contact your child’s school for all forms, if you are interested in participating in Public School Choice for the 2015-2016 school year. Only students attending schools identified for Program Improvement are eligible for Public School Choice.

    Exiting Program Improvement
    When a district or school makes AYP for two consecutive years, it will exit Program Improvement.  You will find the "choice" applications below.

    For more information, please call your child's school or go to California Department of Education web page Click Here

    You will find the choice applications below.

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