Program Selection Criteria

  • Formal identification of Accelerated students begins in the 3rd grade.  The District uses Multiple Measures for placement into the Accelerated Program.  Multiple Measures information for Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics comes from Standards Based Report Cards (K-6), California State Standards Tests (2-12), and grades (7-12). Based upon the recommendations of the District’s Accelerated Advisory Committee, students with any CST Scores below Advanced in both Language Arts and Math, would not be included in the program, unless recommended by a staff member.

    5th and 6th Grade Accelerated Classroom
    For placement into the 5th and 6th grade Accelerated Classrooms, the 4thth grade students are selected by the use of Multiple Measures with CST score of Advanced in both Math and Language Arts.  Using the General Characteristics of Gifted Children form, students are identified by their teachers as having gifted characteristics in the following areas: intellectual ability, high achievement, leadership, creative ability, visual arts, performing arts, and specific academic aptitude.

    Kerman Middle School
    At the Middle School cluster grouping or Honor courses are used for accelerated students in the 7th and 8th grade core classes. Students are selected by reviewing test scores and using teacher and principal input.

    Kerman High School
    At the high school 6 Advanced Placement classes are offered per year and enrollment is open.  Counselors guide Accelerated students to enroll in AP and Honors courses.  AP and Honors course enrollments are open.