Classroom Management Ideas

  • 1. Focus on what students are already doing

    2. Keep your consequences as minimal as possible

    3. Appropriate curriculum is a classroom management strategy

    4. Rehearse transitions

    5. Anticipate problems and be creative

    6. Make positive phone calls and send notes home

    7. Show students that it pays to behave

    8. Never punish an entire class

    9. Build content-related anticipation

    10. Change the tone

    11. Find things to appreciate

    12. Ramp up your enthusiasm

    13. Use your words

    14. Don't pander

    15. Forgive

    16. Publicly announce classroom management goals

    17. Give students choices

    18. Establish routines

    19. State the truth when things go wrong

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    5 Symptoms You're Doing Math Reasoning Wrong

    1. Lack of student initiative

    2. Lack of student perseverance

    3. Lack of student retention

    4. Student aversion of word problems

    5. Student eagerness for formula


    5 Remedies to Increase Math Reasoning (and Confidence)

    1. Use multimedia

    2. Encourage student intuition

    3. Ask the shortest question you can

    4. Let students build the problem

    5. Be less helpful

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