No-cost meals will be available for students who return to campus for in-person instruction. Elementary meals will be served in the multi-purpose room (MPR). Secondary meals will be served in the multi-purpose room (MPR) and snack bar areas. Students may also bring their meals to school.

    The following on-site lunch practices will be followed: 

    • Staggered lunch times (elementary) or an increased number of lunch periods (secondary) to spread out students. Lunch schedules will be communicated by schools before the start of the 2021-22 school year.
    • Social distancing to the extent possible
    • Hand sanitizer for student use before and after lunch

    Cafeteria cleaning procedures will follow the enhanced cleaning protocols outlined in the Campus Safety & Cleaning section. In addition, when students eat in the cafeteria, surfaces will be cleaned in between each lunch period. Hand sanitizer will be available to students before and after lunch.  CNC staff will wear required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and will maintain social distancing during food preparation and distribution to the extent possible.


    Kerman Unified buses will operate home-to-school routes for all students qualifying for district transportation. If possible, families are encouraged to make their own transportation arrangements for their students to limit the number of students riding school buses. For those needing to use the district’s bus service, reducing risk for students and drivers will require:

    • Disinfecting bus surfaces and seats between routes
    • Windows on buses may be open, weather permitting, to maximize air flow
    • Drivers wearing face coverings when loading and unloading students
    • Passengers using provided hand sanitizer upon entering bus
    • All students wearing face coverings
    • Bus filled from back to front or as needed by bus stop location
    • Social distancing will be utilized to the extent possible
    • Should a student become ill while in transit, they will be isolated in a dedicated seat.