Goldenrod Special Events 2022- April, May and June 2022

  • GES Upcoming Events:


    April 28th- Elementary Sports- Basketball 12:30 pm/Student of the Month @ 2 pm

    May 2nd CAASPP Begins

    May 3rd- Kinder Field Trip

    May 6th-ROAR Store 

    May 9th- 5th Grade Physical Fitness Testing Begins

    May 10th- Student of the Month Pictures 10am

    May 12th- 2nd Grade Field Trip

    May 13th- Family Fun Night 4-7pm

    May 16th & 17th- 3rd Grade Field Trip

    May 17th- PFC Meeting 3 pm

    May 18th- 6th Grade Visits KMS

    May 19th- 1st Grade Field Trip / Student of the Month Ceremony- 2 pm

    May 20th- Spirit Day (80’s Theme)/ROAR Store/Elementary Sports-Soccer 12:30pm

    May 24th- 4th Grade Field Trip

    May 25th- Elementary Relays @ KHS 5:30pm

    May 30th- Memorial Day- No School

    May 31st- 1st-3rd Grade Awards (A.M.)/ 6th Grade Field Trip

    June 1st- Last ROAR Store(Utilize all red tickets) 4th-6th Grade Awards (A.M.)

    June 2nd- Kinder Awards (A.M.)

    June 2nd- Last Day of School