Certificated Substitute Information

  • How To Become a Certificated Substitute:
    Interested applicants should submit a certificated job application found online at EdJoin, CBEST verification and a minimum of an Emergency 30-Day Substitute Permit.

    Daily Rate Of Pay for Certificated Substitutes
    The daily rate of pay for substitute teachers is $125.00 per day for day one through day fifteen (15). After the 15th day, the rate of pay is $135.00 per day for substitutes and $150.00 per day for fully credentialed teachers substituting working long-term assignments (16 or more consecutive workdays in same assignment) retroactive to the first day of the assignment. A full work day begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. (includes minimum and foggy day schedules). Substitutes working less than 4.75 hours are considered half-day substitutes and are paid $75.00 per half day.

    How Long Can A Substitute Teacher Work?

    An Emergency 30-Day Permit allows the holder to:
         -30 days per teacher/classroom/same group of students per year (cumulative). No exceptions and no special circumstances. 20 days in a special education assignment. (Cannot take one day off after 20 days in a special education assignment or 30 days in a general education assignment and return to the same class).

    An Emergency Substitute Teaching Permit for Prospective Teachers allows the holder to:
         -90 days per year

    An Emergency Career Substitute Teaching Permit allows the holder to:
         -60 days per teacher/classroom/group of students per year (cumulative).

    A Teaching Credential allows the holder to:
         -75% of the school year, which equals 139 days.