Why Instructional Coaches?

  • Focus on Best Practices - Teachers need help understanding what will give them the biggest bang for their buck.  They are busy, often dealing with initiative fatigue because of so many additional responsibilities and duties.  Instructional coaches can help teachers focus on their individual needs in the classroom, find resources to help bring growth in teaching and learning, and they can help teachers get to a place where they are sharing best practices with one another.


    Education Week

    5 Reasons We Need Instructional Coaches

    by Peter DeWitt


    Support & Resources available to YOU from your Math Coaches:

    Lesson Planning                                      Resources / Manipulatives 

    Demonstration Lessons                         Rocket Math / Reflex Math   

    Co-Teaching Lessons                            Classroom Coverage   

    Technology Support                               Coaching Cycles   

    ICA, IAB, Benchmark Support               ELL Strategies  

    Assessment / Performance Tasks       Individual / Small Groups   

    Growth Mindset Activities                     Standards Plus Curriculum  

    Cognitively Guided Instruction             Formative Assessment


    For any other support/resources not mentioned above, please contact your site's math coach.