• Interdistrict Transfer Agreement/Permit


    1. Interdistrict transfers for the subsequent school year will be accepted on the first school day of February each year.

    2. Terms and Conditions:

      • This interdistrict transfer agreement/permit is valid only for the school year granted. The agreement/permit expires at the end of each school year and must be renewed annually.
      • This agreement may be revoked at any time by the district of desired attendance for the following reasons:
        • Student is excessively tardy, absent from school, or brought to school excessively early or left excessively late.
        • Student fails to uphold appropriate behavior standards or student has poor academic performance.
        • False or misleading information was provided.
        • Student fails to follow school rules.
      • Approval is subject to space availability in the district of desired attendance and may not be at the requested school site.
      • If denied or no action is taken within 30 days, parent/guardian has the right to appeal to the Fresno County Board of Education within 30 days of the denial date or failure to issue an IDT permit/agreement – (559) 497-3876.


    Click Here for the Interdistrict Transfer Agreement/Permit Form.

    Once completed please bring it to the District Office for approval.



    For more information regarding Inter-District Transfers, please refer to the policies below.

    BP 5117

    AR 5117