Boundary Information

  • The Kerman Unified School District must periodically change its school boundaries. With the construction of our fifth (5th) Elementary School Site, school boundaries must be adjusted. In practical terms, this means some students may have to change schools.
    School boundaries should achieve a long-term balance of enrollment to capacity at all schools.  Attendance areas should be contiguous and work to maintain neighborhood and/or community identity.  Boundaries should be drawn to minimize transportation time and cost.  Adjustments to boundaries should consider the safety and welfare of the students as it pertains to the routes students take to school.

    Please know the district cannot guarantee student attendance at a particular school, regardless of their home address. There may be instances when a school or grade level is filled to capacity resulting in a student being redirected to another school within the district, however, every student is guaranteed enrollment within our district.  


    KUSD Town Hall Parent Meeting Presentation

    KUSD Town Hall Parent Meeting Presentation (Spanish)

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