Online Safety for Your Child

  • The internet is a growing part of everyday life. Our students are being exposed to an unprecedented range of content and information as they learn, work, and play on the internet. As a school district we are continuing to educate students about the risks posed by irresponsible use of the internet. We are also calling on every parent to be a part of proactive efforts to help our youth use their social media accounts in a safe and responsible way. Students also play an important role in alerting their parents and school administrators to any suspicious online behavior that they witness. Here are a few tips for students and parents to keep in mind as they spend time online.


    • Don’t make irresponsible, frightening or threatening posts on your online accounts as they will likely result in serious legal and school disciplinary action.
    • NEVER forward or re-post an inappropriate or threatening post or message that you see or receive online. Instead, report that post and/or message to an adult and/or school staff member immediately.
    • Encourage your friends to be responsible internet and social media users.


    • Be familiar with your child’s online activity, including all social media accounts. Don’t be afraid to “follow” or “friend” your kids on their personal social media channels.
    • Talk to your kids regularly about their use of the internet and social media, and create a safe environment for your children to report internet activity or online posts/messages that make them uncomfortable.
    • Be aware of the consequences (legal and school-based) of inappropriate use of the internet, including forwarding or re-posting of inappropriate or threatening content, to your child and your family.
    • Report inappropriate or threatening online content immediately to law enforcement or school staff.
    For more resources, please visit the following websites: