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  • Welcome to Ms. Faridoni's Page!

                   I teach 7th grade World History and Honors World History.   You will find the calendar of assignments, some power point lecture notes, some worksheets, and other information on this site .  If you are absent check the calendar for missing assignments quizzes, and homework. Click on the assignments in the calendar for directions to the assignments. For power points or worksheets check the resource page. Check out classroom news to find out what chapter we are currently working on and homework.

    Sometimes I abbreviate assignments on the calendar. Below are the most common abbreviations and what they stand for. 

    RC - Reading Check Question     

    IM- Interpreting Map Question

    AV - Analyzing Visual Question

    APV - Analyzing Points of View Question

    SA - Section Assessment Questions

    Bio - Question found at the bottom of a Biography Box 

    I list questions by writing the type of question to be answered and the page number the question is found on.  Example- RC166 means you must answer the reading check question on page 166. All question should be written in a complete sentence in which you restate the question in the answer. You do not have to write the question down. 

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