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  • Please check the website often for information on projects and assignments.  Check the "Calendar" for daily homework assignments.

    These should match the assignments students copy weekly in their planner.

    All parents should sign up for access to the Aeries Parent Portal.  This will provide both student and parent 24/7 access to all grades and assignments in all classes!

    We begin the second quarter reading the novel The Outsiders. Students will have a copy of the novel to keep at home to reread chapters, write a 5-7 sentence summary of each chapter, and complete written assignments given.    

    • Spelling lessons will be covered weekly (10 words) with tests alternating weeks covering 20 words.  Spelling Tests are worth 20 points. 
    • Honors English 7 classes will have the same weekly 10 words with tests alternating weeks over the 20 words.  In addition, every 4 weeks will be a review of the 4 previous lessons of 40 words.  All Spelling Tests are worth 20 points each.
    • Vocab Roots with 5 words will be introduced in alternate weeks.  These exams are worth up to 20 points with a semester final covering 8 lessons (40 total vocabulary words) worth 100 points.  Students have one week after the Vocabulary Roots Test to submit any missing or redo work for credit.
      • Late or missing work/tests/assignments will affect a student's grade.
    • Late & missing work will be addressed according to the English syllabus. After a unit assessment, your child has one week to turn in any late or missing work from that unit for reduced credit (half credit). After this deadline a grade of zero will be given. An alternative assignment may be offered as a trade a grade each quarter or semester at teacher's discretion.

    A printout of Quarter 1 Grades was given to each student on Friday, October 13th.  Report Cards will be mailed home on Monday, October 16th. Any missing/redo work deadline highlighted on the printout is due by Monday, October 23rd.  

    Deadline for any late or missing work is ONE WEEK after the end of a unit of study or test.   Late work is accepted for reduced credit. 

    • Students will be given a grade printout to take home!  Please review it with your child.  Missing work will receive half credit.  Any unfinished work will be given a grade of zero after that date.
    • Late or missing work/tests/assignments affect a student's grade.

    English 7th grade:
     Periods 1, 3, 4 & 6

    * Check Calendar for daily assignments *

    * Vocabulary Root Word Lists are available under RESOURCES

    Honors English 7th grade:  Period 5 

    ** Check Calendar for daily assignments **

    * Vocabulary Root Word Lists are available under RESOURCES

    LEADERSHIP Elective class period 7

    • Weekly oral presentations continue.
    • We are community service oriented and our class will be flexible to meet the current needs on site. 
    • All students are encouraged to document all service hours and maintain records in writing.  These will be submitted for review and verification in December and March.  All service hours should be entered online monthly to receive the President's Volunteer Service award at promotion. 
    • Grades are weighted 50% class participation and 50% oral presentations.


    • Friday, October 20th Spirit Shirt Competition - Egg Toss Noon Activity
    • Red Ribbon Week October 23-27th
    • Progress Report Quarter 2 - Thursday, November 9th
    • Friday, November 10th - HOLIDAY - Veterans' Day
    • Friday, November 17th - Spirit Shirt Competition - Noon Activity
    • Thanksgiving Break Nov. 20-24th